White Wedding Suits and Variations of Ideas


The white wedding suits may seem like the most common and logical option for the wedding. After all, you want to retain the classic and traditional wedding value and the white suit sounds like a great idea. However, the problem with white is the fact that it can look plain, bland, and boring. If you watch to look hip and stylish, there are some ways to improve your white suit and jazz it up a little bit.

White Wedding Suits: The All White

This is one of the most common options when planning a wedding. For most people, the white wedding suits are the most basic thing that most grooms have to prepare. But if you want to avoid the boredom and the bland effect of the white suit, you can go with the all white option but not too white. Understand what I mean?

white wedding suits
white wedding suits

You can combine the white with the silver or the ivory. You can choose the white jacket that is paired up with the white tie and silver vest. Or you can combine the silver tie and vest with the white jacket. Or if you want to ditch the vest, the silver tie and the white jacket will be a great combo. It gives you a flawless all white effect and yet you know that they aren’t all white. Of course, you can always replace the silver with the ivory.


White Wedding Suits: The Other Colors

Why not combining the white suit with the other colors? You can match the white jacket with shirts from other colors (light blue, light purple, ivory, and even pink). If you want to wear the white shirt and white jacket, you can wear colored ties, such as blue tie, red tie, purple tie, or aquamarine tie – it doesn’t have to be black. You can also wear the colored vest.

white wedding suits
white wedding suits

White Wedding Suits: The Casual Wedding

best white wedding suits
best white wedding suits

In the event that you are planning a casual wedding with the outdoor-sy type, you can always have it. After all, it is pretty understandable that you want to enjoy the warm air and temperature with the outdoor view. There are some options that you can have:

  • You can ditch the jacket. You can wear the white shirt and the white pants only.
  • If you are wearing the vest, the silver or white vest with the white (or light blue or other light colors) shirt will do.
  • If you want to keep the jacket, you can always ditch the tie. You can wear the white jacket with white shirt or other light colored shirts.

As you can see, managing the white suit for the wedding isn’t difficult at all. If you can do it right, the process of managing the white wedding suits can actually be fun.