Tips To Become Plus Size Models, Tips And Tricks


5’7 to 5’11 is the usual height of plus size models and 12 to 16 and even 18 is the common size. Being model is not just for those with petite figure. If you are plus size and interested to become a model, make sure you know these tips.

Getting started

Make your mind up if it is right to pick the modeling industry for you. Browse through fashion magazines and directory and catch a sense for how the models appear, their body type and the way they pose. Ask some friends or family to take some test shots. If you think you are camera-friendly and are fond of being facing the camera, you can then perform moving in outfits and discover your right look. Choose a hairstyle that fits your face and is easy to maintain and style when being plus size models. Also deal with split ends, exercise to character areas, and clarify your skin.

Certify the height and size necessities are fulfilled

Visit local modeling agencies in neighboring area to know the precise necessities as well as for open calls to see new models or submit your photos. These are important for the agencies finding new plus size models. Plan a test shoot after you decide the agencies that suit your need. Test photo can be with professional or family member or a friend. But, professional is not necessary for this test photo. Make sure you have clear and not blurry photos for best result. The pictures should be only you without anyone else shot in with you. There should be at least one photo in one a fine smile shot, a headshot, one whole shot, and one a body shot wearing tank and shorts or a swimming wear.

Give in your photographs to the agency you prefer

You can submit your photos in three ways by sending email to the appropriate plus size sector, or by means of ordinary mail sending an introduction letter attached with your photos, or visit the agency for an open call and congregate personally with them. The last way allow them to see straight away and will also let them know your character. Dress sizes, shoe size, height, hair color, age, and eye color is your stats that you should have already known. You can ask someone to help to take your measurements if you don’t know them yet. Put them in the note and include them in your letter or e-mail or bring them with you when you go for an open call for plus size models.