Summer Wedding Suit Ideas: Unique Ideas and Alternatives  



There are surprisingly many and fun summer wedding suit ideas that you can try. Who says you should always wear the boring and conventional suits, anyway? Who says that you are limited to the basic or dark colors only? It’s your wedding day so have fun without straying too far from the traditional concept. There are some ideas that you can try that will make your special day different and unique.

Summer Wedding Suit Ideas: Adding Patterns


It never hurts to add patterns to your wedding suit, especially if you are going to have the special day during summer. Don’t go overboard, though, like going colorful with the whole suits. Adding small patterns will be enough to make a difference.

What kind of summer wedding suit ideas to use:

  • Add patterns to the shirts, like a checkered shirt, will create a difference.
  • Use light blue or navy color for the jacket (instead of the gray or black) will make you look somewhat cheerful and less gloomy. It adds a sense of casual look to the overall appearance. Don’t worry, you will remain classy and dressy without making you look cheap
  • Ditch the tie. If you want casual look, you should ditch the tie.
  • If you decide to keep the tie, have fun with it. Use patterned tie or colorful tie. Use a contrast color. For instance, if you decide to wear navy shirt, you can wear yellow tie.


Summer Wedding Suit Ideas: Play with Colors

Summer is always associated with cheerfulness and fun. It doesn’t hurt to use light colors to make you look airy and light. Besides a light blue for the shirt, have you ever thought about having a light pink tie? Don’t worry, it won’t make you look ugly or girly. In the event that you decide to wear suits (complete with the jacket), don’t choose too serious colors. Choose light gray; you will remain looking sharp without making you look too formal. Seriously, this is one of the many summer wedding suit ideas you should consider about.

Summer Wedding Suit Ideas: The Shorts

summer wedding suit ideas
summer wedding suit ideas

Among the many unique ideas, have you ever considered wearing shorts? If you happen to get married at the beach or have an outdoor events, wearing the pants will be quite unique. Don’t worry; it is not offensive. If you can pair it up with a good jacket or blazer, you can make yourself look charming and remain formal. These summer wedding suit ideas will add sparks to your special day.