Summer Wedding Suit Ideas And Buying Guide


What should be included in the summer wedding suit? Not many people know that the grooms have a lot of concern and worry for their special day. They have the similar expectation and jitters for their special day – just like the brides – but the only difference is: they don’t want to show it off. So, what kind of arrangement should you have for the suit?

Summer Wedding Suit and the Fun Time

Summer is always related to the sun and warmth. It is related to joy and cheerfulness. Instead of staying indoor, you should plan an outdoor and more casual wedding event. Trust me, you would want to enjoy the beautiful and colorful nature when you have the chance. After all, it is your special day that may only happen once in your life so you want to be surrounded by the beauty and the natural color as much as you can.

Choosing the right summer wedding suit shouldn’t be too difficult. Of course you still need to manage your style smartly but don’t too fret about everything. It is a summer wedding so you should relax and light up a bit. You can still wear the suit to preserve the traditional feeling but there are some arrangements that you can make to deliver a less formal effect.

Summer Wedding Suit: The Colorful Shirts

summer wedding suit
summer wedding suit

One of the ways to make the summer wedding suit look more fun and less traditional is to wear colorful shirts which mean that you don’t have the obligation to wear only white shirt. If you are dressing up with the navy or light gray suit, you can always wear light blue shirt or even a pink shirt. Don’t worry, no one will think of you of being too feminine or girly.


Summer Wedding Suit: The Colors of the Suit

For the suit, it is free to choose the colors although it is advisable that you go with light colors. Don’t use too much black; it’s summer, anyway! You can choose dark gray or light gray. Thinking about wearing light blue? It’s okay too. Don’t be overboard, though. Yes, it is a summer event but it doesn’t mean that you can show up wearing red suit or suits with polka dots, anyhow.


You can also consider other alternative colors for the suits, such as pale gray, mid blue, beige, and white. Again, don’t overdo the styling on your summer wedding suit too much or you may compete with the bride.