Princess Bridal Dresses: Some of the Great Ideas


Most brides are dreaming about having the perfect princess bridal dresses for their important events. Most of them want to have the dress that isn’t complementing their figure but also make them look different and special. The feeling of being ethereal, beautiful, and classy is important to boost your confidence for your special day, after all.

Princess Bridal Dresses: The Trend Shift

princess bridal dresses
princess bridal dresses

In the past, brides wanted something extravagant or grandeur to make their wedding gowns look ‘princesy’. They either wanted a big and super glam gown or they wanted one with a lot of bling-bling. It is a good thing that there is a shift of paradigm over the last decade. Most brides today realize that the right wedding dress doesn’t have to be super extravagant. With the right material, cutting, and silhouette, you can get yourself a bridal dress with a special princess cut. The usage of special materials like chiffon, lace, or tulle and then the combination with the right cut should be able to make you look like a princess for a day.

Take an example from the wedding dress worn by the late Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Princess Diana worn the wedding gown with collar ruffles which were so ‘80s’ while Kate Middleton’s gown was simpler and yet it shared the same elegance. The soft material with V-neck and soft long sleeve design was just perfect. Who says that your princess bridal dresses should always go big and extravagant?

Princess Bridal Dresses: The Disney’s Inspirations

This may seem hard to believe but there are some designers who take their inspirations from the Walt Disney’s princesses. Vera Wang, for instance, has produced some of the simple and yet elegance wedding dresses with basic lines from the Disney’s princesses. Of course, the final outcome isn’t exactly like the princesses’ gowns but the idea to use the basic gown line is a good one – you have to admit that.

princess bridal dresses
princess bridal dresses

Alfred Angelo has created his own lines of Walt Disney’s wedding princesses. In fact, he has created different series of lines for years.  If you come to his website at this, you can see what I’m talking about. The design of the princess bridal dresses from year to year is always different.

Each design for different princess is made based on their characteristics and unique traits. The best gown for Ariel is coming in a mermaid design while the Mulan dress is classy with sheer tulle on the chest. The gown for Belle is simple with classic bustier and expanding A-line puffy skirts. Which one do you like from these princess bridal dresses options?