Pluz Size Models and a Career in the Industry  



Who says that pluz size models aren’t real models? Who says that these models can’t compete with the standard and ordinary models? In case you haven’t noticed, the models in the plus size industry are mostly beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and sassy. And what makes them better than the ordinary models is the fact that they are real – they have the real body image with the curves and all of those things. And somehow, it keeps the industry down to earth.


Pluz Size Models: Starting a Career


Do you think that you have all the needed elements to become a successful plus size model? Do you have the passion for the industry? You need to remember that despite the fact that the industry is somewhat ‘more open and friendlier’ to the plus size concept, it doesn’t mean that it will be extravagantly nice to you. Modeling and fashion are a cutthroat business; it is a tough world. You need to have a determination from steel if you want to success – not to mention the confidence and the right attitude as well.

You can follow the footsteps of the previous successful plus size models through their dedication and hard work. People like Ashley Graham, Tess Holliday, Tara Lynn, etc have all the drive and passion for the industry. Just because they have the curves and the plus size measurement, it doesn’t make them different.

It would be great if you can learn more about the industry; what’s needed to be a professional model. Do you want to join agency or not? What kind of photos should you have for your portfolios? How to choose the right photographers for your photos? Those kinds of questions are important if you want to start off smoothly. At least you are in the right path although it is still a long way to go.

Pluz Size Models and Taking the Inspirations

Ashley Graham plus size model
Ashley Graham plus size model

You can get inspirations from the previous pluz size models who have existed in the industry. Learn from them. Read their stories. It would be better if you can actually consult a real model and have a thorough talk in person. But even if you can’t, you can learn a lot about them from many sources while taking your own steps. After all, experience is priceless.


Prepare yourself for interviews or other things that may involve a thorough and deep preparation. Becoming a professional model isn’t easy; it is not for play and it is something that you shouldn’t underestimate. But if you are able to manage it, you can be one of those pluz size models that you admire so much.