Plus Size Model Photo and How to Get to the Industry


You probably have seen the plus size model photo here and there; after all, such modeling is becoming more and more popular these days. You are probably wondering the specialty of such a plus size modeling. What’s the benefit and what are the requirements to become one? Here are the facts about the industry.

The New Modeling Concept

plus size model photo
plus size model photo

All these years, the modeling world is always associated with the skinny models with sizes not more than one or even two – some of them even have the zero size! The requirements to become skinny models are getting ridiculous and illogical within the last few years – some have led to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles. It is a known secret that models don’t mind starving themselves to achieve the ideal weight. Most of them have unhealthy life that includes disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

Because the illogical expectations of the fashion industry with the skinny models, the concept of the plus size models arises to the surface. Women with curves are considered ‘normal’ and logical – for more reasonable than those with zero sizes. After all, curvy women aren’t always related to the negative images. Curvy women can be super attractive, beautiful, and sexy – and most importantly, they are real. The fashion world that is often related to the far-fetched reality is now somewhat more reasonable. If you see the plus size model photo, you can see that these women can be stylish and attractive in their own way.

The Basic Requirements

plus size model photo
plus size model photo

Naturally, if you are interested in becoming a plus size model, there are some requirements that you need to address. You need to have a specific size and height. Mind you, though, that the plus size model is different from being obese. Plus size models are curvy and healthy models while obese people are simply…well, obese. There are modeling agencies that are handling and managing these kinds of models. If you are interested, you can always contact them. Don’t forget to include important documents and also your personal plus size model photo.

Basically, here is the guidance to become a professional plus size model:

  • For printing modeling, your size should be between 12 and 18. It can also between 10 and 22 for runway, depending on your client. For modeling, size 18 should be the max.
  • You should be healthy with a toned body
  • You should have a professional manner, friendly, and easy to work with. Some of the world-class fashion brands have hired these professional models. Some of the plus size model photo has even made it to the printing industry like the Plus magazine.