Modern Style Wedding Dresses: You Have Lots of Options


You are probably thinking about having the unique and one of a kind modern style wedding dresses for your special day. You may be surprised to find out that there are actually quite a lot of options to choose when you are truly committed to it.

Choosing the modern wedding designs don’t have to be all about grandeur and too much. Most people think that they should go all out for the modern wedding dress – leading to odd or weird wedding dress options. Well, unless you are having a Gothic theme, you should consider the simple wedding dresses that have a little touch of modernity and sophistication – but don’t do it too much.

Different Variants, Different Examples

modern style wedding dresses
modern style wedding dresses

There are a lot of examples for the modern style wedding dresses. You don’t have to look odd or quirky. You don’t have to look out of place either. You can still retain the modernity without making yourself look cheesy or silly. And most importantly, you can still hold on to the tradition without making yourself outdated or old-school.

If you are looking for a wedding dress that can also be worn as a cocktail dress or the regular dress, consider dresses that have additional features. This wedding dress, for instance, comes with the right material that feels sheer and luxurious. However, it also comes with a cool detachable skirt. Attach the skirt and you can wear it as a wedding dress. Remove the skirt and you can turn it into a cocktail dress or a summer dress.

If you want to choose the perfect modern style wedding dresses, you can also choose the one with unique color. Of course, it isn’t advisable to choose the super bold color or even the Gothic color like dark purple, red, or black. But if you choose the soft and pastel color like this blue wedding dress, you can make yourself look modern. The blue wedding dress comes with the standard signature of the wedding dress with the lace, the accessories, and such items.

modern style wedding dresses
modern style wedding dresses

If you want to combine the old and new, there are a lot of interesting dresses with Boho influence. This halter neck Boho drapery dress comes with sheer material and lace and it is perfect for hippie brides. If you want to enhance the vintage or retro feel, you can combine the dress with unique head accessories or other supporting accessories. You can definitely have fun with the modern style wedding dresses as long as you know how.