How To Wear Your Plus Size White Dress Perfectly


You should at least own one plus size white dress to spend the summer time. The summer is the perfect time to wear white. No matter what your age and shape, you will get a fresh look with white flowy dresses. Any woman would always achieve a touch of classiness with the all white look. You might want to stick to darker colors such as dark brown, black, and navy and avoid wearing white if you are plus size. However, as long as you dare to wear white, your size is not a concern. Your skin tone is an important aspect when wearing white. Hot skin tones would flatter white looks so wearing white when you are tanned is great during summer.

Consider your body shape

Make sure you choose dress that suit your body shape. Clothing that your wear should shapes and contours your body so make sure you dress for your shape not your size.

Wear the right accessories

The all white look can be worn by most women but how you wear affects the result. You could wear plus size white dress though your skin is pale as long as you work against the starkness of your skin against white clothes by adding warm toned accessories at the area of your face. You can make stunning look from a washed out look with a light colored summer scarf. Plus size women can wear white perfectly with the right accessories.

Choose low cut

A low cut dress works well on most plus size women. Their face will look slimmer and their neck look longer with the low cut.

Consider Sleeve

You may wear a white dress without sleeve if you have thin arms. Quite the opposite, it would be better for you to wear some kind of sleeve on your plus size white dress if you have baggy arms, preferably a cut that doesn’t stick to but covers your arms.

Opt for quality material

You will feel self-assured and relaxed in something that is made of quality fabrics so choose materials that feel good on you. You also should consider an opaque fabric as white tends to be translucent. You will just look nasty showing your underwear. Choose clothes with a pop of color for fun and appealing look.

Find the right length

You will look better wearing a longer dress rather than in a shorter woman If you are very tall. Just make sure your plus size white dress is not too short no matter what length you choose.