How to Take Plus Size Model Photo


The first thing that you have to know if you want to take plus size model photo is that you have to recognize that they are large. Like the other types of bodies, the image of their body will cause the models admit that they are smaller or larger than they think they are. The plus size model photo can be discussed with your clients that you have to do with any kind of model. It is always important for you to understand the feel of the client about their body. And if a photo session has been scheduled for them, it means that they are really confident models.

plus size model photo
plus size model photo

It is better for you to find a couple of ways in order to make your model looks smaller and you have to consider that smaller is more attractive, but it does not mean that you have to focus only on this thing when take plus size model photo. It is more important for you to make them chose comfortable. It is not good for you to lay your model on the ground. These are a couple of tips that will be helpful for you to take plus size model photo.

  • It is better for you to use the longest zoom or the telephoto lens that you have. The shot will be compressed and it will be kept from suffering from the distortion of widening. It is also perfect for you to experiment by using Photoshop distortion correction in order to find out if there is barreling that you do not know on first shot.
  • It is better for you to not to shoot from a low angle.
  • Shooting from higher up looking down is good, but you have to be careful that this is the perfect way for photographing plus size model so throw in a couple of other kinds of framing.
  • One subject’s body can be used in order to shield another in case if the other is heavier than the one.
  • Basically, you have the right in order to not photograph their entire body. It is better for you to try a couple of different options of shoulders-and-head shots, but you have to be careful that they feel unattractive if you also do not offer them with body shots. Your work is to photograph them like you do with anyone else so you have to do it right.