How To Fit Plus Size Tailored Jackets


This article will help you learn how to fit plus size tailored jackets for your body shape. There are a couple of websites that provide fashion and style advice for women on what not to wear and what to wear but this post specifically focuses on advice for plus size model fashion. This article will give you a couple of fashion tips for plus size ladies certainly for pear and apple shape who are wanting to find the best jacket that fits their body shape. Fashion is very crucial especially for women. If you are plus size women, you have to know how to wear a right plus size tailored jackets. You have to consider that jackets will look perfect when they are suited so your body shape. The most important key in order to choose the proper plus size tailored jackets to wear is balance.


You have to prevent excess fabric over bust, around hips and tummy. It is important for you to choose simple plus size tailored jackets or belted jackets in order to give illusion of smaller waist and your tummy area will be trimmed. You also have to avoid pockets that are high placed under the bust of waistline because it will add bulk to your larger spots. It is perfect for you to apply lower pockets.

Jacket Sleeves and Shoulders

Plus Size leather jacket
Plus Size leather jacket

Do not apply designs which will make you look larger at waist or shoulder such as shoulder gathers, shoulder pads and pleats because they will make you have broader shoulders and fuller waist so you do not have to add any size. Fur, turn-back cuffs, button detail or even elongated cuffs are perfect design for those of you who have apple shape and you jacket will be given the detail and design where required.

Jacket Necklines and Collars


Jacket Necklines
Jacket Necklines

Jackets that come with a deep v neckline will make you the center of the crowd. It is better for you to prevent heavy lapels and fur collars because they will look bulky on chest area. It can be very slimming in order to use asymmetrical necklines whether it comes from design or from a small wrap style jacket. Wear blazers and jackets open in order to make vertical lines and to lengthen your body. You also have use color that can work perfect when trying to change the look of your silhouette. For those of you have apple shape you have to avoid wearing one color.