Gray Suit for Wedding: The Various Options


The gray suit for wedding can be a great option that makes your wedding different and unique. If you want to retain the traditional feeling without turning everything into a boring and bland result, having the gray suit can be the best decision that you have made. Of course there are different options of hues, including the fact whether you are going to wear the suit in a casual manner or a formal one. So, which one should you choose?

The Light Gray Suit

gray suit for wedding
gray suit for wedding

The greatest thing about the light gray suit is the flexibility and the stylish effect. The light suit can be used for both formal and casual events. The light gray suit is also perfect for the hotter months of summer time when you may want to take off the tie and chill out without the jacket with your guests. If you are having a casual outdoor wedding event, you can always manage wearing the light gray suit for wedding without the tie.  However, if you want to look really good with the light gray suit, be sure it fits you and the shoulder area just nicely. Don’t forget that light gray is easily stained so you may want to behave during your wedding.

The Dark Gray Suit

gray suit for wedding image
gray suit for wedding image

Whether you choose the charcoal or the darker gray suit for wedding, be sure to pay attention to the texture. The dark gray suit is just the same as the light one but the color will make the texture stands out so be extra careful with it. If you choose the wrong patterns or textures, it will make you look outdated or worn instead of classy and youthful.

The Handy Tips

It doesn’t hurt to ask for opinions from the professionals, especially the suit experts. Keep in mind that the gray suit has a wide array of hues and tones. You need to choose the right color and hue depending on the time of the event and whether it is casual or formal.

Here are some other handy tips:

  • Pay attention to the skin tone. If you have fair skin, light gray will be the best option. But if you have darker skin tone with dark hair, dark gray or charcoal gray will be better.
  • If you choose a suit for a wedding, you may choose the plain or the subtle stripes. Suits with checks or other patterns will look odd, no matter how modern your event is.
  • Too much gray can make you look bland. Combine the suit with other colorful accessories like gold manset or even purple tie. Your gray suit for wedding won’t look boring anymore.