Dark Navy Wedding Suit Shirt Combinations


For those of you who are looking a lighter option for a black suit which is perfect for wedding in the summer, then dark navy wedding suit is the perfect option. Meanwhile, choosing the suit is very simple, and choosing the right shirt combinations with this dark navy wedding suit is a challenging thing. Fortunately, this article will help you choose the best shirts that will fit your dark navy wedding suit.

Black is sometimes seen as the neutral color which can fit with all of suits, so it is challenging for you to choose the other option. Meanwhile, there are a couple of different colors that you can match with your dark navy wedding suit in order to create finished and clean look.

White Shirts

dark navy wedding suit
dark navy wedding suit

It is important for you to keep things simple if you dress up your first shirt and are not sure of color combinations. It is easier for you to fit your outfits and look which has been understated goes a long way. If you want something up to date and stylish do not too harsh with a couple of patterns or grand colors. A simple white shirt will look awesome if paired with dark navy wedding suit.  For those of you who want to wear modern but still got the classic look, you have to wear classic white color shirt, but it is better for you to choose granddad collar. It can work well because it will make your look difference.

Navy Shirts

Choosing a shirt in a lighter color can help brighten up a dark navy wedding suit, and creates no contrast than pairing it by using a black suit. Blue shirt combines with navy will be the perfect combination for any occasion because the difference keeps the outfit looks finished and clean, but with a finish that has been relaxed.

Pink Shirts

pink dark navy wedding suit
pink dark navy wedding suit

If you choose a color which is a little bolder but still have a summery and cool feel, you just have to try a light pink shirt. The dark navy wedding suit will still be balanced by the light color, but it comes with the warmer tone if compared with blue which is making this shirt a perfect option for those of you who want to dress down your suit and make your look more casual. This pink shirt also makes your dark navy wedding suit looks softer for you.