How To Wear Dark Gray Suit Wedding


For those of you who are looking for the alternative of black suit for your wedding, the dark gray suit wedding is the perfect option for you. It will make you look cooler than regular black and you will get timeless suit than blue one. Gray has the atmosphere of being summery. And it is different from black or navy, gray looks perfect for wedding and also work time formalities. Fortunately, this post will help you with a couple of tips on how to fit dark gray suit wedding.

dark gray suit wedding.
dark gray suit wedding.

How to Wear Dark Gray Suit Wedding

  • The dark gray suit wedding will look perfect with black tie and white shirts, especially in charcoal or pastel gray. Meanwhile, powder and lilac blue, strawberry milk pink and light greens are the perfect shirting colors which will add cheeriness to your wedding.
  • It is better for you to wear a couple of accessories that are eye-catching such as pocket square or a nice patterned tie with the gray to make it live a little bit. You just have to keep a couple of those accessories the same color as the shirt but choose darker shades that will leave the shirt lighter. For instance, navy pocket square and tie and pastel blue shirt.
  • White gold or silver works perfect with gray suit metallic hue, so it is better for you to choose for cufflinks, lapel pins and tie clips in these metals and minerals.
  • Grey also looks awesome with tan lace-ups, choosing for classic favorites such as the monk or brogue in order to exploit the details of the shoe. Black is the number choice or you can also choose for the more burgundy, which is staying to conventional shoe kinds such as oxfords or derbies for this kind of color.
  • The dark gray suit wedding looks great in light grey. You can pair it by using black or white tee and leather sneakers such as white or retro and you do not have to wear socks.
  • For your wedding, it is better for you to choose the charcoal but you can also choose luxurious three-piece a subtle check in order to make statement. Meanwhile, slim and clean suit in mid-gray is very versatile.
  • You have to be careful that gray will make you look dirty. It is better for you to do visual regularly if there are stains