Dark Gray Suit and Its Stylish Appeal


You are probably wondering if wearing the dark gray suit may be appropriate for your wedding. You are torn between wearing the traditional white and other colored suits. Well, wearing the gray suit (especially the darker color) is okay and definitely perfect – as long as you know how to do it right and elegantly.

Dark Gray Suit Principle

dark gray suit
dark gray suit

The dark gray suit is basically the perfect answer if you want to combine the old (the traditional) and the new (the modern concept). You see, a lot of grooms can’t really decide whether they should go with the black suit or tux or with the modern and more casual white. There is an unspoken rule about the suits anyway. For instance, if you are having a casual outdoor party, it’s okay to wear the white or colored suits. But if you are having a formal indoor event, it would be better if you can wear the black or dark suits.

Well, if you are wearing the gray dark suit, it gives you a more flexible arrangement. With the dark hue, you can have an informal and casual outdoor party. But in case you change your mind and choose a more formal indoor arrangement, it would be completely okay. After all, there are some great benefits that you can enjoy from the suit, anyway.

The Benefits

Gray suit is the perfect option when you want to have your wedding. It is a perfect match with the bride’s dress. Most brides would choose the white, ivory, or light peach. And the contract match between the basic nude colors of the bride’s dress with the dark gray suit will create a perfect balance and harmony. Not to mention that such dark suit can enhance your natural charm and appeal without making you look cheesy.

The Arrangement


dark gray suit pictures
dark gray suit pictures

If you want to be able to wear the suit successfully, there are some basic options to make. First of all, you can always go with the traditional arrangement with the white shirt, black or navy tie, dark gray pants, and dark gray blazer. There is a balance of both light and dark colors that makes the overall appearance good.

However, you can also go with all dark arrangement which is great to enhance the modern appeal and the sophisticated feel. You can wear the gray shirt with gray tie, gray pants, and also gray blazer. If you don’t want to make it too gloomy, consider combining both light and dark gray. Who says you can’t look stylish with the dark gray suit?