7 Plus Size Halloween Costumes Best Guide


Start thinking about plus size Halloween costumes is never too early although October is still months to come. Before we know it, the 31st will sneak up on us with just one or two weeks to plan. The planning and shopping for the costumes is half the fun. To make costume shopping a simple task, here are some general tips and tricks to buy Halloween costumes.

Keep original

DIY costumes can be a good idea this year costume. You can find lots of cute, easy costume inspirations in YouTube. Choose a popular costume and create a spin from it with your own idea.

Plan untimely

Don’t let yourself falls into thinking that Halloween is still far away. You need more effort, time, and planning extraordinary original costumes. Think what you will wear on the Halloween early on and start browsing the stores for good plus size Halloween costumes.

Set your budget and stay with it

Set the right budget for you Halloween costume and stay with it no matter what. It is not cheap buying Halloween costumes that don’t come with accessories, so it is easy to be tempted to buy something that exceed your budget. But, it is best to remember that Halloween costume is only for one night.  Buying a one-night wear with $50 over budget should not really worth for you.

Always check the size

Always prepare your tape measure and check the store size chart as online retailers are often the place to buy the best plus size Halloween costumes exclusively. Do not guess your size as you may be different size at different stores. It is best to measure yourself to avoid costly mistake.

Always try on

Always try the costume on if you can before buying it. The costume could look totally poles apart on you though it may look great on the model. Try it on and you know it. This also applies to something that looks ugly might be a perfect costume for you. Give it an opportunity and you’ll be amazed at how many stuff will look stunning on you.

Be patient

If you see a costume you like, don’t buy right away, and if you don’t like a costume at first, don’t get disheartened. Be patient to finding the perfect costume. Read reviews and compare prices for diverse deviation of the identical costume.

Always check return policy

Especially on Halloween costumes and other pricier items, make sure you always check the return policy when ordering online. In any case, this will prevent you from being stuck with hideous plus size Halloween costumes that are not suitably sized.