3 Techniques to Have Best Plus Size Models Photos


It is challenging for you to have the best plus size models photos, because it will have a couple of extra considerations. When you do portraits, you have to focus on making the best plus size models photos that show the love, fears, hopes, dreams and personality of the models. If you change the body looks of the models naturally, you will bring the issue that she is not beautiful as she is. There are a couple of techniques that you can do as photographers with simple editing, the shape or weight will not be changed but can control the proportions, lighting and angles in order to make images that she wants.

Body Shape

Plus Size Models Photos
Plus Size Models Photos

The flattering shape can be given to her by using her arms in order to increase her curves and direct the eye or she can angle and face her body. The surroundings can also be strategically used in order to covers a couple of parts of her hips or midsection to keep the focus not her body but on her face or to break up the solid colored outfits.

Release Arm and Drop the Front Shoulder

Plus Size Models Photos
Plus Size Models Photos

This is one of the perfect techniques to have plus size models photos that you can use and it is so flattering. You just have to lower the front shoulder. The notorious double chin wants to be avoided by every woman and this is gotten by pulling the chin forward and elongating the neck. When you direct her to pull her shoulders down towards the ground rather than direct her to lengthen her neck up, it means that you prevent her to lift her chin and eyes up.

Shoot Above or at Eye Level Directly

Many photographers say that the favorite part of is her eyes. These beauty shots are the favorites because the eyes are the focus. When you shoot above the level of her eye, her jaw line and her chin will be slimmed. You have to make sure that you do not have to put her chin too far down as it will make her forehead shows larger than it is. Through 85mm lenses or more these tight head shots are also the most flattering. This can be done because you can get a very tight shot on her face and you do not have to invade her space by shooting a foot away from her.